WELFARE is, of course, a priority at Cahill Kennels both during a greyhound's racing career and in retirement. All of our racing greyhounds are checked by our highly experienced team on an almost daily basis for any signs of stiffness, minor abrasions or small niggles.


It is paramount to us that our racers are given the very best of everything, including the best veterinary care available should any of them pick up an injury either in the paddocks at home or at the track.


When it comes to retirement, many of our owners take their greyhounds home or house them with friends and relatives. Of course, circumstances can change and sometimes we ask our local home-finding association and the Retired Greyhound Trust to help. If you are considering having a greyhound as a pet at home, please contact either of these organisations or contact us at the kennels and we will be delighted to advise you.

Welfare and retirement

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